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Espaņol 91 Nutrientes Esenciales

Inguinal Hernias - Dr Wallach

Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden teach us about Inguinal Hernias, and what to do if diagnosed with an Inguinal Hernia and wish to avoid surgery. Once surgery has already been performed then if it tears open again then surgury is suggested again, due to scar tissue from the original surgery. Even if someone has already had surgery for Inguinal Hernia, Dr Wallach teaches that the best thing to do is to follow his plan outlined below so as to prevent additional future hernias and other copper deficiency related problems elsewhere in the body.
According to Dr Wallach, Inguinal Hernias result when the intestines bulge out from a tear in the connective tissue of the Inguinal Ligament, which is a barrier lining between the inside and the outside of the body. When the connective tissues gets weak, it may result in a tear in the ligament. This occurs due to the connective tissue becoming weak due to a Copper deficiency and the effects of different types of stress on the body. The convergence of Stress on the body (Common, Mega and Chronic Stress) combined with a lack of nutrients to support the connective tissues result in a weakening of the connective tissues of the ligaments. Sweating out nutrients (including the Copper needed for connective tissue) from hot weather, athletics, etc., weakens the connective tissues. Also Stress from heavy lifting, sports, coughing and straining bowel movements contribute to the problem. Signs of Copper deficiency also include graying of hair, hemmoroids and aneurisms. Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden recommend that we give the body the nutrients it needs to regain its health.
Dr Wallach formulated Youngevity's Ultimate Selenium which has the highly absorbable Copper Amino Acid Chelate  as an essential ingredient in this product's ultimate formulation. Even though the name of this product is Ultimate Selenium, this is the product that has Copper Amino Acid Chelate in it. Youngevity uses only Chelated Copper to provide the very best Copper product available with great absorption (unlike the common metalic Copper that has very low absorption that most other companies provide). Also, for full absorption in the stomach it is recommended to take the Ultimate Selenium (Copper) after waiting 2 hours after eating a meal with phytates, so there are no phytates from food to bind with the minerals that would reduce absorption in the small intestine (watch Hemorrhoids video for ND explanation). Dr Wallach also recommends combining chelated Copper (Ultimate Selenium product) with all the other 91 Essential Nutrients co-factors for the connective tissue to regain its health.
  To support and promote the connetive tissues in our body, Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden recommend:

1) Healthy Body Start Pak - one per 100 lbs body weight per month
2) Ultimate Selenium one per 50 lbs body weight per month
Ultimate Gluco-Gel one bottle 240 capsules per 100 lbs body weight per month

(note: if budget is tight, then cut down dose of everything but the Ultimate Selenium - example: if you weigh around 200 lbs then take only one
Healthy Body Start Pak, and only one Ultimate Gluco-Gel, but take two Ultimate Seleniums - per month)

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Inguinal Hernias and recommendations:
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