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   Updated March 27, 2024

Espaņol 91 Nutrientes Esenciales

What Are The Common Diseases?

Dr Joel Wallach - Veterinarian, Naturopath and Founder of Youngevity

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Welcome! We hope that you will enjoy all the life changing teachings from Dr Joel Wallach on our website. We hope that you will take notes on what you read, hear and see, and watch the videos again and learn the knowledge that not only can benefit you, but also all those people that you know (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) that can benefit from Dr Wallach. As you learn about the different diseases that Dr Wallach teaches about, write down the names of all these people, so that we may reach out to all of these people who are suffering and let them watch these same videos here that you have watched.

We just keep researching and learning more and applying what we learn. Always tweaking (making mid-course adjustments) and steering our course as we keep searching and finding more truths and validating various sources. But we don't diagnose or treat anybody, as we are not the doctor, the doctor is Dr. Wallach (and the other Naturopath Doctors working his teachings), so we give all the credit to whom it is due. As Doctors, they have already performed the diagnosis of all the common diseases, and they tell us what they recommend. As a helpful tool to those that don't have the time and patience to correlate the different diseases, we have grouped together the videos and information in each one's specific disease web page. So our work is represented here so that you too can listen to the Naturopath Doctors that we have researched - especially the pioneer who made these great discoveries: Dr Joel Wallach. Then, you will have more information to make the best decisions in choosing a direction for an illness.

See Doc Wallach Live! Dr. Wallach spends 300 days a year on the road presenting his acclaimed lecture "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".

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According to Dr Joel Wallach, we need all 91 Essential Nutrients. Our bodies cannot create, or manufacture an essential nutrient, they must be imported into the body. We cannot we get all of them from the "four food groups", especially the 60 essential minerals.

"Our bodies need no less than 90 essential nutrients, and there are as many as 10 deficiency diseases that can result for each nutrient that is missing for any length of time. This is a total of up to 900 diseases that can be PREVENTED with proper nutrition." - Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, Founder of Youngevity

Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 9:1 "replenish the earth"  - God told Adam and Noah to replenish the Earth. Since our ancestors in the late 1800's stopped replenishing our earth (by not putting wood ashes - minerals - back into our soil) for a little over a hundred years now, and our farmlands being progressively leached of minerals, and that is why we have all these deficiency diseases. God takes care of his people and through Dr Wallach he provided us the lost nutrients though the one and only company that Dr Wallach founded - Youngevity. We now make up for that terrible loss by "replenishing our bodies" by putting back into our bodies the minerals and nutrients that we would have had if the millions of acres of farmland weren't leached of essential minerals by growing crops on the same soil every year, and only putting 3 minerals back in - Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. That's only a fraction of what we need, so we give our bodies the missing nutrients (especially the minerals, as plants can't make them), and we supplement in a Whole-istic method with all of the 91 Essential Nutrients. Most importantly adding the minerals (60 essential minerals) that are all COLLOIDAL MINERALS (Plant Derived) found in Dr Wallach's Youngevity supplements.

   Updated March 27, 2024

Youngevity Story - Learn How It All Began

Our Story

About us, our website and our business:

Steve have been a Personal Trainer and a Researcher specializing in helping seniors get fit and healthy for 20 years. Steve thought he just about knew most that one needed to know about nutrition - he even wrote a fitness book in 2010 The Fitness Quadrant which contains a chapter on eating for fitness and fat loss (weight loss). He just always keep learning more. After mastering fitness and weight loss nutrition, he learned the value of organic food, raw live food with enzymes, juicing and non-GMO's in the last few years. Now, thanks to Dr Wallach , we learned about sweating and exercise and how when sweating we lose all nutrients (including  minerals and trace minerals), and we learned that the food we eat is basically devoid of many essential minerals. So now we learned to make up for that loss, so we "replenish" and supplement - properly, not with the common metallic minerals that we used to waste our time taking that have only 10% or less absorption (only 3-5% over age 50), but with the best plant derived colloidal minerals in supplements that have 98% absorption , as with the Youngevity brand that we use and recommend. One of the initial benefits we have found is that we don't have any food cravings anymore, as now our minerals are no longer deficient (with mineral deficiencies people crave food and eat too much food too frequently, not realizing that it is a mineral deficiency that they feel - the solution is to supplement the essential minerals and then the cravings are gone, a super key to losing weight (body fat) and preventing weight gain and Yo-Yo dieting).

Steve used to suffer from gravel neck - when rotating his head my cervical vertebrae would "grind", but that has disappeared. Steve's gums were very sensitive to hot and cold, now that is gone. Steve had an old injury (a radius fracture from 12 years ago) "clicked" when exercising performing bicep curls is now gone. Steve had a tear in his Inguinal Ligament - hernia, and it has been sealed up since September 2014 - wow have our prayers been answered! Also, we are no longer light sleepers with insomnia as there is no longer a colloidal calcium deficiency - We don't remember ever sleeping as soundly as this. It is extremely important to get quality sleep and rest.

Maggie is a certified Wellness Coach, and has been in the Wellness business since 1980 specializing in Massage Therapy, and has been working with me with fitness for the last 20 years. Together we have been researching wellness for quite some time and we feel we are blessed to be able to share Dr Wallach's life changing information with everyone and everybody (and every ones body)!

Our Simple Core Basic Program In A Nutshell That We Follow:
1) SUBTRACT: Eliminate The 10 Bad Foods and increase Absorption, eliminate toxins, eliminate as much Common Stress as possible, and eliminate all controllable Chronic Stress. Also avoid wear and tear on your body and especially  the joints.

ADD: Supplement With all 91 essential nutrients plus Dr Wallach's "Secret Sauce"

        ADD: Antioxidants - consume minimum of 20,000 ORAC points per day, for chronic conditions up to 100,000 points
The best, most advanced and complete package that Dr Wallach has formulated and recommends that contains the 91 Essential Nutrients in the basic "Healthy Body Start Pak" (Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 has ORAC over 8000). Special Paks have been formulated for certain needs that has the "Secret Sauce" added to it that Dr Wallach refers to in the Benny Hinn interviews. For example the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak includes the Slender FX Sweet Eze as the "secret sauce", as this Pak is designed to support and promote the bodies ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

For lower budgets Dr Wallach has formulated other basic 91 Essential Nutrient containing packages such as the Classic 90 Pak, the Tropical 90 Pak, and the BTT Basic 90 Pak. The "Secret Sauces" can be added separately to any of these Paks. Email us - we will help you select just what you are looking for and within your budget, and help you to maximize all ways get the most benefit for your money -  View all Paks click here.

Come on - Let's go! Join us!

Email us - We will help you personally and save you the time and research by helping you choose your individual products (which products - liquid, tablet or powder, what size, etc), help you get started correctly, when to take each supplement, take your supplement with food or empty stomach, and when and how to take your Youngevity supplements. We will help you to join Youngevity directly (avoiding third party vendors), and help you on your journey to success!

Maggie    Steve

Steve is a Certified Personal Trainer with The American Council on Exercise - check out his website: The Fitness Quadrant

Maggie is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute Of Holistic Health.

New! Take the free Health Evaluation to identify which nutrients you are severely lacking at the Institute Of Holistic Health.


Dr Wallach's Story and Discoveries

As a veterinarian, Dr Wallach learned with animals many diseases are prevented and reversed by supplementing their food with nutrition - essential nutrients. For example with Turkeys one year many of them all died from the same cause - ruptured aneurisms. The next year Livestock veterinarians had them add copper to their diet and the aneurisms ceased (listen to this on Dr Wallach's "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" audio)! He then realized, since this works with animals  - why not with people?

Livestock veterinarians     VS     Pet veterinarians

Livestock veterinarians Pet veterinarians
Naturopathic Allopathic
Primarily Clinical Nutrition Primarily Drugs and Surgery
Preventative Disease Management

About Nutritional Deficiencies:

"Think of it: vitamins, enzymes, hormones, every sub-cellular bio-chemical reaction, every metabolic cycle required mineral co-factors and catalysts, even oxygen itself could not be utilized without mineral co-factors. Just a calcium deficiency alone could result in as many as 147 different diseases ranging from osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteomalacia, degenerative arthritis, Bell's Palsy, tinnitis, trigeminal neuralgia and spinal stenosis to name a few": Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Wallach's vast research has proven without a doubt that we all need the 91 Essential Nutrients every single day.
Hundreds of thousands of people have had their health restored by taking Dr. Wallach's advice and products.

This is just a small list of Nutritional Deficiency Diseases that can be helped or even eliminated in many cases...with our 90 For Life Essential Nutrients.

For OPTIMAL health and longevity, we need all these essential nutrients, DAILY, for best assimilation to the cellular level.

Wholistic VS Fractionated

This is what Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden refer to as complete Clinical Nutrition, or "Wholistic Nutrition" (Whole-istic) - giving the body all of the nutrients including co-factors to support and promote the health and structure of the body and as Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden say the body will then have all the raw materials it needs to repair itself. This is opposed to what is termed "Fractional Nutrition" - when someone only takes a "fraction" of the "whole" - such as only taking vitamins A, B, C, D, E and the minerals Calcium and Magnesium, which are only 7 out of the 91 Essential Nutrients. Listen to this explained in this lecture: "Lecture".

As a Personal Trainer, I understand the difference between Wholistic and Fractionated as it also applies to the four Wholistic synergistic quadrants: Anaerobic, Cardio, Rest and Eating. Leave one out and the formula is incomplete - fractionated. Within the scope of Nutrition, all 91 Essentail Nutrients work together synergistically with each other as co-factors. Look at the chart below for some comparisons between Wholistic and Fractionated:
Wholistic Fractionated
All 91 essential nutrients Only some of the nutrients
Exercise plus All 91 essential nutrients Exercise plus only some nutrients
91 essential nutrients, Anaerobics, Cardio, Rest Only some nutrients, Cardio, Rest

60 Minerals
16 Vitamins
12 Amino Acids
3 EFA's
= 91 Essential Nutrients

Even though they all add up to 91, we "round it off" to 90 essential nutrients. Without these 90 essential nutrients daily, our bodies go out of balance and results in disease. Unfortunately, we do not get these 90 essential nutrients from our food anymore. For well over a Century now our farm land soil has been depleted progressively so that now we only get a few minerals from our food, resulting in huge deficiencies. Therefore we need to supplement. Dr Wallach was a brilliant veterinarian and knew how to cure animals of the same diseases that we humans get. Even dog food has more nutients in it than food that humans eat - Science Diet has over 40 minerals! Dr Wallach teaches how to prevent and reverse these diseases through his teachings and how to support and promote our health with products from the company he founded - Youngevity.


Exercise is Positive Stress - the body adapts and the tissues become stronger ( as long as it is performed correctly and with proper timer and rest for adaptation ). We are strengthened by Positive Stress.

However, Negative Stress weakens our bodies and impacts the health of our bodies in a negative adverse way. When Negative Stress is countered by our bodies built in defense mechanism, we have no symptoms and we remain healthy. When Negative Stress is too powerful for our bodies defense mechanism, the strength of the stress breaks through our bodies defenses and our bodies system is destabilized and our bodies compensate and generate symptoms. Forms of Negative Stress are Common Stressors (such as pollution, bad food, malnutrition, weather, etc.), Mega Stressors (such as reactions from loud noises, intense hot and cold, etc.) and Chronic Stressors ( long term exposures to heat, radiation, etc.).

Hence, a strong immune system is required for our bodies to handle stress, with all the 91 essential nutrients daily which is complete Clinical Nutrition, or "Wholistic Nutrition" - giving our bodies all of the nutrients including co-factors to support and promote the health and structure of the bodies defense mechanism - all the raw materials it needs.

Chart List Of Common Diseases with Links to Web Pages with Videos:

Acid Reflux Alzheimers Arthritis
Asthma Cancer Carpal Tunnel
Congestive Heart Failure Cholesterol Diabetes
Detached Retina Eczema Fibromyalgia
Gall Stones GERD Goiter
Heartburn Heart Disease Hemorrhoids
Hernia - Inquinal High Blood Pressure Hives
Hypertension Kidney Stones Lupus
Lyme Disease Macular Degeneration Muscular ystrophy
Obesity Parkinsons Peripheral Neuropathy
Pregnancy Prostate Rashes
Sciatica Skin Disorders Stomach Problems
Sweating Thyroid Vertigo

Health Seminar - Excellent:

Incredible audio: DEAD DOCTORS DONT LIE - Full original 1994 Dr Joel Wallach:

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